PepsiCo to recycle potato water
Nov 7, 2016, 1:41 PM
PepsiCo has plans to recycle the potato water extracted at four of its potato chip plants in the U.K., according to a report in the Guardian. The factories will in future rely solely on water extracted from their potatoes for their supply.
Seed potato crops could face a relatively low virus risk from aphids this year as forecasts suggest they will be appearing late and in low numbers. Potato aphids are two weeks later than last year because of the cold weather. The Rothamsted Insect Survey showed that the first potato aphid suction trap captures are expected to fall during the second week of June.
HZPC Holland B.V. has realised a good result over this financial year for the 3rd year in a row. After taxes, the profit is 4.8 million euro.